Take a Break to Rejuvenate

This week, like many, has been hectic. It feels like I never have enough time to do the things I intended to do. Responsibilities from many important facets tug at precious moments of the day. I feel certain that you can relate.

Yet I try hard to make time for things I enjoy, like walking Grace, my weekly yoga class, and volunteering at our local humane society. Sometimes that makes me feel guilty for not accomplishing the other important things on my list, whether for work or for home. Then I look at Grace and she reminds me of the need to take a break to rejuvenate. Yes, I realize that dogs aren’t required to balance their professional and personal lives, but they know the value of a good nap. If we push ourselves too hard, for too long, burn-out is inevitable. And that doesn’t serve anyone well, including our employees, our organizations, and certainly not ourselves. So this was my favorite of her Dog-Inspired Leadership Tips this week.

Take a Break to Rejuvenate

If you want to see other tips that Grace has offered up this week, you can find them here or here. And for those of you in southern New Hampshire, here’s another good resource to help explore balance in your life.

Creating space for a break is not an easy thing to do. But it’s essential. Where is your sunbeam?

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