Training Offering: Fox & Hound: Enhancing Workplace Collaboration by Building Authentic Alliances Across Personalities

Animal-inspired, people-proven training for your workplace. 

May 8, 2014 in Peterborough, NH; also available for onsite at your location

Robin and Leaf with Grace and ZukiRobin Eichert of PeopleSense Consulting, LLC has teamed up with Leaf Seligman of Opening the Window—Writing That Matters to offer new workplace training experiences designed to increase staff cohesion, creativity and wholeheartedness. Leaf draws on lessons gleaned over twenty years of teaching and ten years of congregational ministry while Robin brings her expertise in hiring, job-fit, performance and leadership. These trainings engage participants through writing prompts, effective assessment tools, and a light-hearted but instructive look at what animals can teach us about our own behavior.
Now available for workplaces large and small.

Our personalities and work styles vary but we all seek a sense of belonging, purpose and security. We want to know our contribution to the team matters and we perform better when we feel appreciated not in spite of our personality or style, but for it.

Questions? Contact Robin Eichert or Leaf Seligman, we’d love to hear from you.

For information and to register, find details here. 


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