Graceful Giving 2021

Getting Inspired with Graceful Giving!

Inspiration can come in very unlikely packages. Take for instance, my adopted dog, Grace, who influenced me in countless ways over the years. My time with her nudged me in directions that expanded my knowledge and understanding of how to really build healthy relationships. Our journey took me places I never even knew existed and benefited us both tremendously. 

In our workplace relationships, we often find inspiration from those who offer a helping hand, a trusted piece of advice, or support when we need it. It’s not so typical to feel inspiration from those that frustrate us, but that can be equally influential. In our early days together, Grace often left me confused and annoyed, not knowing what I should do that would change her fearful, reactive behaviors. She and I continued to work together even though there were plenty of bumps in the road. It wasn’t always easy, but I was committed to her development and she was loyal to me. I suppose we inspired each other.

Don't be afraid to talkOddly enough, these many years later, there is now a new adopted dog in my home, Zuzu. She is quite Grace’s opposite, filled with liveliness and just bursting to share her energy with anyone around her. Though so different, building my relationship with her has brought its own set of challenges, reminding me that anything worthwhile takes time. Why invest in building a relationship with this wild little dog? Because she inspires me to be a better human, just like Grace did.

Why is inspiration important and how do you find it?

When we care enough about something, we do something about it. Inspiration is important because it moves us into action and allows us to think that anything is possible. As leaders, we need to inspire and to be inspired.

This October is the perfect time to use that inspiration as a spark during PeopleSense Consulting’s annual Graceful Giving Celebration. Each year, as a way to honor Grace’s legacy, we shine a spotlight on helping others. We do this by giving back to non-profit organizations who do such important work to help those in need, just like the two non-profits that rescued Grace and Zuzu from difficult situations and provided help when they really needed it.

Putting your inspiration in action

During the month of October, any non-profit, anywhere can apply to win a multi-session workshop based on the Five Behaviors Model, which helps team members learn to work together more efficiently and cohesively. The program is designed exclusively for intact teams and work groups. The non-profit teams we select demonstrate a strong commitment to each other and to the work that lies ahead. Often these are executive leadership teams or teams that are working towards a common goal.

It’s easy to apply and every non-profit that does will also receive a valuable training video to benefit their team. Ready for the details? Click here to find out more and then encourage your favorite non-profit to get their application in during the month of October. Happy #GracefulGiving!

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