20 Unexpected Leadership Insights from Zuzu the Dog: Be Yourself

This September marks the 20th year of PeopleSense Consulting! It seems fitting to celebrate with a bit of animal wisdom, inspired by my adopted dog Zuzu, who has enough exuberance for all of us! So this month, I’ll take you through 20 unexpected insights this small but mighty dog has brought to my life (in a whirlwind!)…

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Dreaming Big With My #Oneword This Year!

Dreaming Big in 2021

Many people have high hopes that 2021 will be better than the year we just ushered out. I certainly yearn to get back to some basic routines, like hugging a friend or being able to meet a colleague for coffee without concern of getting or spreading any virus. It’s those simple pleasures that often mean…

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The Promise of a 7-Foot Fir Tree

Holiday Tree

When you step back and think about bringing a 7-foot, live tree into your house and hanging trinkets on it, it seems a bit odd. Even more perplexing is how a Douglas Fir, standing indoors and isolated from its former forest mates, can offer a deep sense of human connection. But so it is. These…

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PeopleSense Consulting Named NHBSR Sustainability Slam Finalist!

PeopleSense Consulting was again named a finalist in the Small Company category for Workplace in the 2020 NHBSR Sustainability Slam! This annual event is full of great stories, that like ours, inspire businesses both big and small to take on the really important issues. We can be a force for change. Our story: When COVID…

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Happy July 4th from PeopleSense Consulting!

Listen in to hear Robin and Jeni share a special message as they ponder how to best celebrate our nation’s birthday. They share quotes that we hope inspire a more united and inclusive American on the holiday weekend. Let’s all build healthy relationships, in our workplaces, homes, and communities. Embrace this holiday weekend, celebrating our…

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Reflecting on this past year helps prepare you for the next one

  This holiday, I encourage you to look back at all that has happened for you. Recall those wildly successful adventures, the frustrating challenges, and things left undone. Reflecting and appreciating the full range of experiences is an important step to help us move forward in 2018. We need them all in order to grow and…

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