My #OneWord for 2020: Adventure!

Turning the new year into an adventure

The turn of the calendar page to January brings with it the promise of a new start. It gives me the perfect opportunity to create a plan, something that often eludes me in my day-to-day tasks. A few years ago, I heard about the #oneword idea and immediately gravitated to it. I like things simple, even though they may not be easy.

Here’s the basic idea. Instead of committing to a lengthy list of resolutions that inevitably fall to the wayside, you come up with one word to rally around for the year. As soon as I heard this idea, it made a lot of sense to me. Not only does it require that you become clear on what’s most important, but it also becomes a filter for how you prioritize and take action. As the days fly by, I can pause and ask myself: Am I living my life the way I really want?

It’s also a fun process for me to decide on my #oneword. Almost immediately, I have a short list of things that resonate. But this year, it got difficult. In fact, I started drafting this post with another word in mind, but as I started to settle in with it, it didn’t feel quite right.

Feeling the adventure from within

Something more adventurous was stirring inside me. I wanted to #explore (which was one option) and I wanted to experience #movement (another option) in all aspects of my life. However, neither word felt just right.

I continued to go back and forth and landed on #adventure. The definition of adventure resonated with how I want to pursue all I do in 2020:

  • an exciting or very unusual experience
  • participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises
  • to take the risk involved
Specifically, these are the areas I want to approach with a sense of adventure this year:
  • Seek out new activities and people in the region we now call home. Having recently moved to a new state, there are lots of things to explore.
  • Try out new business ideas that support our clients. With an incredible team in place, we can add programs and delve into ways of business that weren’t possible before.
  • Personal growth and evolution. My husband and I plan to foster dogs this year and I want to remain open to the new lessons this offers, making sure I see these dogs in a new light and not in Grace’s shadow.
  • Introduce change in even the small activities. I need to remember that I can have an adventure with most anything I do. Try new food, park in a different spot, look for a different perspective of a long-held belief.
  • Be light-hearted about outcomes. Adventures inherently bring risks, which can produce failures. When I come back to the feeling the word ‘adventure’ brings, it will help me move beyond any disappointments and focus on the fun!

Life is short. There is much to do. This is my year for an adventure, which I hope will also produce some amazing accomplishments and successes.

What will be your #oneword for 2020? Leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you. If our team can help support your goals, reach out. We’re here for you!

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