Do you love where you work?

Dodger loves toys and he can make anything, and I mean anything, a game and when he's happy, he's at his best. Give your employees lots of opportunities for fun, trust in their talents, and you create a winning culture.

Dodger loves toys and he can make anything, and I mean anything, a game. He found great pleasure in playing with my stands of wool while I attempted to braid this rug. When he’s happy, he’s at his best. (But then, who isn’t?) Give your employees lots of opportunities for fun, trust in their talents, and you create a winning culture.

What do you love about the company you work for?

I’m sure there is something you love about the company you work for. Hopefully there are lots of things. And that’s the way it should be.

Creating workplaces of choice ought to be the job of every executive, manager, and human resources professional. That doesn’t mean long lunches or easy workloads for staff members. In fact, it might mean that employees want to work through lunch because they feel invigorated by the cultural’s thirst for excellence. Top employees love a challenge. Why not provide it?

I had the great delight in serving as a first-round judge for the Best Companies to Work For in NH this year, and it was clear that one theme ran through the winning companies. The best companies demonstrate trust. 

Policies and everyday processes at these top employers allow for employee empowerment, decision-making, freedom to bring ideas forward, and feedback systems that create accountability and learning systems. This requires attention to your management structure and commitment to delegate, along with your ability to see the talents in all around you.

And there is never a shortage of fun happening in these organizations. Real fun, not the forced dreaded holiday party that you feel obligated to attend. These are events and celebrations where employees feel like family. (OK, I know not all family events are always fun, but you get the idea.)

There are dozens of NH employers who have found creative ways to infuse fun into highly competitive and successful businesses. I was guest blogger for NHBSR this week and you’ll find more of my thoughts on that here. We can learn so much from what others are doing, but that doesn’t mean every idea will work at your company. Take bits and pieces from programs that you like and mold it to fit your employees. Let them feel your love.

Some leaders say they can’t afford to offer attractive programs, like expensive child daycare benefits or expansive tuition reimbursement. I’d say start where you can. It isn’t the dollar amount that builds trust. It’s the effort.

And while you’re at it, there’s no better day to show your love than on this week’s Valentine’s Day. Grace offers a lesson for us to show compassion to all — even to those that we aren’t that fond of.

I’d love (yes, love) to hear what you love about where you work. Leave a comment with your example so we can all learn together. 

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  1. Karen johnson on February 13, 2014 at 9:09 am

    You know I do!! And everyone who works there does. It’s been a great adventure.


    • Robin on February 13, 2014 at 9:13 am

      It is obvious that you love where you work, Karen. What is one thing that makes the adventure unique?

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