Dog’s birthday party provides opportunity to celebrate in creative way

How can a dog help non-profits?

Why, with a birthday party, of course! In October, I’m hosting a birthday party for my dog, Grace. The gathering has a twist, which is to help non-profits gain exposure to new audiences, receive new donations, and have the opportunity to win a facilitated leadership workshop. This month-long virtual event is designed to support and show appreciation to non-profits organizations. It also celebrates the growth and development of a timid dog, now living a happy life and turning 12 years old!

An unlikely source inspired this birthday party idea. As a regular volunteer at the Monadnock Humane Society, I noticed a selfless and caring act repeated. Young children were frequently bringing in oodles of goodies from their own birthday celebrations. For their parties, these thoughtful and generous youngsters had asked party-goers to bring needed items for the animals instead of gifts for themselves. I thought, “If 12-year-old kids are doing such a kind-hearted deed, why can’t my sweet 12-year-old dog do the same thing?”

Grace, a 23 lb, bright-eyed, orange mix breed was found on the streets of Puerto Rico in 2004. In those formative early months, Grace developed an intense fearful disposition, making normal interactions not only stressful and often impossible. Since coming to live with me in 2005, we have worked hard to help her overcome these challenges. As they say it takes a village, and there were many people along the way that helped me learn how to interact with Grace. One significant experience was a two-day workshop held at the Monadnock Humane Society, which was instrumental in expanding my thinking about all relationships.

Grace has long been an inspiration in my work. She is constantly offering me insights to how our relationship mirrors those of managers and employees in the workplace. She also reminds me of the importance of working with someone for who they are as opposed to who you think they should be.

Non-profit organizations provide many backbone services to people in need

Just like supportive dog parents and effective managers, non-profits are the foundation of many key services in our communities. These much needed programs help a person through a rough spot when other help is not available. Often, these hardships come by no fault of their own, as was the case with Grace. I wanted this birthday celebration to be a win-win for everyone.

During the month of October, all are invited to participate in the “Graceful Giving Birthday Party!” Party-goers are any individuals who makes a donation of any amount to a non-profit of their choice and leave a comment on the PeopleSense Consulting Facebook page.

Participating in the party benefits non-profits in several ways. These include the potential to receive new donations, spread awareness of their mission, and be entered to win a facilitated team building workshop for up to 6 people, valued at $1500. It’s a fun way to say ‘thanks’ to your favorite non-profit and encourage others to do the same.

Come to our party and show your Graceful Leadership now! You can learn more here and here! 

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