PXT Select™ Pace

The pace in which a person naturally works can be a critical indicator for job-fit. Learn how to identify the signs of those who move at different paces and how that impacts job performance.

Pace Scale

In this video, I am going to be talking about the PXT Select scale called Pace.  This is a very important scale as it relates to job performance because we are measuring the rate in which somebody moves through their task – how they manage their workflow.

On one end of the scale, a person moves at a very steady pace.  They are great with routine and they are very patient.  On the other end, the person is very urgent. They are driven and they are fast-paced workers.


In today’s business environment, having a sense of urgency is a very valued trait and it’s true there are a lot of benefits to the individual who can multitask easily, who is always on, who is seeking challenge and excitement.

But there are a few caveats to be careful or clear about.  One is the person could get very frustrated if results don’t come very quickly.

There is more and more research to talk about the value and the benefits of having someone who remains focused on their work instead of scattering their efforts among many things at once.


The focused individuals is great in positions that have a lot of routine, because they can move through those processes in a methodical way without being rushed through the activities.

These steady individuals are ones that are patient and calm; and they can appear relaxed and laid-back, especially to those who have a greater sense of urgency.

Productive Balance

Like all these scales, there are benefits to both ends of the spectrum.  The key is to understand the needs of the position – what pace does this job move at – and then understand the pace of the individual in the role.  Are they a fit?  Fabulous! If there is a mismatch, it needs to be addressed.

Likewise, if there are two people who are working on a project together and they are moving at very different paces, that can be a benefit because the people at the urgent end of the scale love to start projects. The people at the steady end of the scale are great at finishing them.

So that balance can be very productive, but it can also be challenging and create conflict.  Bringing an awareness to the pace of the work and the pace of the individuals accomplishing those tasks is the key to creating success for all.

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