Robin interviews friend and colleague Brandie Hinen

In thisbrandie mug shot short interview, Robin talks with Brandie Hinen, founder of PowerHouse Learning about her work, including how she helps business leaders improve inefficiencies, her ideal customer(s), lessons learned, and motivators.

Robin and Brandie are long-time friends and colleagues; we collaborate with clients whenever we can. During this fun conversation, Brandie sprinkles in practical leadership tips, such as how to be outwardly focused and how to practice mental rehearsals (and why it matters). And for fun, you’ll be treated to a story where Brandie met Robert Downing, Jr. and wouldn’t have even known it! I guarantee you’ll find something of interest to you personally and professionally. Join me and Brandie as we chat together on our mutual love of our life’s work.



About PowerHouse Learning

Powerhouse Learning is nationwide, delivering C level leadership development, succession planning, productivity enhancements and new business development training. As consultants, professional educators and mentors, we engage as trusted advisers working together to provide ways to solve the toughest problems and insuring your leadership team owns your success. Powerhouse Learning’s executives bring real world experience, with a history of success that delivers the credibility needed to gain the support of our clients and their teams.


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