Support Frontline Employees

Here’s how to support frontline employees

We’re rarely afforded one crisis at a time, and 2020 has brought with it challenges on every front. It has impacted the entire globe, drastically altering the way we live and work. While we all feel deeply the sadness, grief, and overwhelm that have marked this year, some have experienced it more significantly. 

It’s more important than ever to reinforce that we are in this together as people and as communities. The PeopleSense Consulting team wants to use our tools, skills, and insights to support frontline employees during these multifaceted crises.

These are the questions we’ve been reflecting on: 

  • How can we support each other and respond effectively when our teams are under substantial stress?
  • What does it take to continuously cultivate healthy workplace relationships for the future?  
  • How do we build bridges of understanding within our organizations and remove boundaries that impede our best work? 

The answer…we begin with ourselves.

Making a Critical Mindset Shift

Agile EQ

We believe our newest offering, the personalized Agile EQ learning experience, is an ideal tool to empower and support frontline employees responding to the current crises. This program specifically helps individuals learn how to deal with diverse social and emotional situations. It also stretches their thinking, allowing them to move outside their comfort zone and meet the demands of any situation. 

Agility helps us manage change better and view it as an opportunity, even when it may not be what we anticipated or wanted. Being agile also builds resilience and allows us to react in more balanced, effective ways. It’s an essential skill when facing an overwhelming task or pivoting to meet an unexpected demand.

As we work through the pandemic and the myriad challenges it has triggered within our society, agility is key. It is what will enable us to stay strong mentally and build a better future, both personally and professionally.

We Invite You to Develop Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

There is much healing, adapting, and planning still ahead, so how can we support frontline employees now? We invite you to make EQ a priority for you and maybe even your whole team, knowing that our workplaces will be permanently changed by the ripples of Covid-19. 

The more a person understands about themselves, the more capable they become of building better workplace relationships. And ultimately, the strength of our relationships determines the overall culture, reputation, and success of our organizations. It may be hard (well it definitely is hard!) to face the things happening in our world, but we can all start with working on ourselves.

Though it often feels hard to think beyond the current day or week right now, the benefits of building emotional intelligence create a path forward. The Agile EQ learning experience is a game-changer that positively impacts all aspects of your life, both personal and professional. Contact us to access your profile and schedule your consultation! 

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