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Unleash Yourself to Find the Best in YOU!

How do you unleash yourself?Do you ever hold back? Not say what you really think? Choose to stick with what’s tried and true instead of deciding to unleash yourself and your creativity?

Unleashing your authentic self starts with being clear.

Thinking through questions like this helps you reflect on your own strengths and interests:

  • What are your needs?
  • What are you good at?
  • Where do you struggle?
  • What brings you joy?
  • Where do you find clarity and calm?

For me, it’s being out in nature and among animals. Any time I have the opportunity to observe the world’s extraordinary ecosystem, from tiny bugs to towering trees, it reminds me that each single thing has a purpose and place. All are beautiful, in their own way, doing what they do best.

Many things can hold you back

It also reminds me there are things that can hold us back. Maybe you have difficulty speaking up over more dominant voices in the room, even though you have a creative solution in your back pocket. Or perhaps you try to work through tough situations without reaching out for help because you think you should be able to handle things alone?

You’re not alone. There have been many occasions when these kinds of artificial barriers have kept me from meeting my own needs or reaching my goals. For example, my natural tendency is to defer to others, making sure everyone’s happy and content. But having an awareness of that helps me speak up when I recognize I’m letting others infringe.

It’s also helpful for me to acknowledge that other people aren’t intending to dominate. In fact, it’s my own actions (or inactions) that allow the imbalance to happen. When I embrace my role, I’m able to move through situations that were challenging before.

All of us, regardless of our roles, need to tap into our own strengths and interests if we are to thrive. It’s our own responsibility to do this. So rather than being confined by artificial barriers, I challenge you to unleash yourself!

Having clarity about yourself helps you shine

Being clear about your needs and goals allows everyone in the room (including you) to be heard. When you understand, appreciate, and own who you are, you can shine more fully, in a respectful way that honors everyone involved.

But how do you dig through the layers and become familiar with what’s at the core of your authentic self? Starting with a passion or an interest is an excellent way. Think back to those original questions: What brings you joy, clarity, and calm?

It could be doing yoga or it could be running an ultra marathon, growing food in the garden or building houses for Habitat for Humanity. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to self-discovery.

Beyond brainstorming, you can also use a variety of tools to give you a different perspective. Get feedback from those you work with. Ask them: “how can we work better together?” or “what can I do to make our work together be easier?” When you can have these candid discussions, you will benefit from heartfelt input.

Evidence-based assessments can also be a useful tool, helping you unleash parts of your personality that you may have put on hold over the years. By working through the questions in one of these well-designed assessments, you get insight into your strengths and weaknesses. The results are incredibly thorough and provide insights you likely never realized about yourself. Taking an objective look can open up your mind and the possibilities. These kinds of resources offer objective data that can confirm or sometimes challenge your beliefs about yourself in a good way.

So be open. Be curious. Don’t hold back! As the poet E.E. Cummings wrote, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

How will you unleash yourself? Leave a comment here so that we can all find courage to share and learn together.

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