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FREE Webinar: UnMask your Authentic Career

Tired of trying to fit into a career that doesn’t feel right? Ready to unmask your authentic career? Come join us for an evening of discovering ways to move forwardon your authentic career path. 

Join Nancy Bishop and Robin Eichert for a short, but information-packed webinar to get a fresh perspective on career transitions and tips for maneuvering on the path to finding your authentic career.

Here’s some of the comments we received from previous attendees:

“I found the discovery part of the session very helpful.”

“I learned that it is ok to be somewhat afraid but I cannot let that fear stop me…it should motivate me.”

“Great suggestions for questions to ask myself and some tools to use to hone in on how to sync interests and passions with skills and find the next step on my path.”

Come see what YOU will learn.

You should attend if you’re curious to discover answers to any of these questions:

  • Are you considering a career change?
  • Are you struggling to find your life’s purpose?
  • Interested to learn how your self-worth relates to your career search?
  • Feeling uncertain and confused about your options?
  • Wondering how to get unstuck and move forward?
  • Interested to discover your strengths in an objective manner?
  • Looking to uncover your gifts, talents, and passions?

Join Us!
This FREE webinar is open to anyone contemplating a career change. It is also valuable for anyone currently unemployed and wondering “what’s next?” You only need to pre-register to reserve your space.

What better time to think about discovering  your abundant talents than this beautiful autumn time of year. As we near Halloween, it’s time to embrace and then shed those obstacles and roadblocks — the masks that you may have been wearing in your careers! Join us on the evening of October 23, 2018. Registration is easy, just click below to sign up!

REGISTER HERE: Tuesday evening, Oct 23, 2018, at 7:00 – 7:45 pm ET

Schedule conflict? No worries. Registered attendees who are unable to attend will receive the recorded version following the session.

We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Transitions – the natural stages and opportunities
  • Moving Forward – maneuvering through blocks, obstacles and challenges on the path
  • Discovery – finding your direction, learning where to look for signs and clues

During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to volunteer for sample laser-coaching; a focused technique that can quickly unblock you from feeling stuck. Nancy will provide on-the-spot coaching to one person selected to help clarify their next step in finding their authentic career path. Whether you are participating or observing, you’ll gain valuable insight into how career coaching can assist you in moving easily and skillfully in your career transition.

Come participate and learn with us. Bring your open mind and willingness to explore new perspectives and you will benefit.

Register NOW! Aren’t you ready to unmask your authentic career?

Keep the giving going!

Oliver is curious about this celebration and encourages everyone else to join in, too!

This is the place where everyone can get involved in this month’s Graceful Giving celebration! Keep the giving going!

Leave a comment, picture, or video below that recognizes an act of giving you’ve witnessed during the month of October. When you share, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $50 donation to the non-profit of your choice! But even more importantly, we can all become inspired by the kind acts happening around us each day.

Perhaps you witnessed a kind action from one person to another. Or someone provided a much needed service to a non-profit organization. Tell us all here!

Want to learn more about Graceful Giving? See how your favorite non-profit can benefit and how Graceful Giving got started. Read all about it here.

Let’s work together to make this a powerful way to give back and create healthy relationships in our world.

A simple change can yield impressive results

An article in our local paper identified this particular type of moth as a polyphemus. Even looking at this guy upside down (right bottom) offers a change of perspective. What can you turn upside down at your office for new insights?

Grace and I changed the time of our daily walk and yesterday morning, we had an unexpected treat. It made me think of how just a simple change in a routine can yield significant — and in our case, beautiful — results!

In our workplaces, routines are commonplace. Our teams and departments start to run on autopilot, executing tasks and projects without much thought about why or how we’re doing it. That means that we tend to have the same kind of outcomes, without bringing innovation or new ideas to the forefront. Our staff can start to get bored and we don’t even know why!

So this innocent change in walk time created an eye-opening reminder to the value of changing things up occasionally, even when things are going well with your existing processes. Prior to the summer’s heat wave, our walk time had been mid-day or sometime in the afternoon, when one or the other of us needed a break to stretch our legs. The sun was strong and there were certain rhythms to what we saw, such as insects and birds. But things are different at dawn. Yesterday, we headed out before 7:00 a.m. and very quickly, we noticed something quite unusual ahead of us on the road. We stumbled upon an enormous moth, measuring nearly 6″ in width, laying still as if he was trying to make himself invisible. He (she?) fluttered a bit when Grace almost stepped on him! Moths are nighttime creatures and we apparently caught him at the end of his active cycle and the beginning of ours.

A simple change of time to avoid the heat provided the opportunity to experience something totally unexpected, a treasure that we would have missed otherwise. 

What routines have become stagnant at your workplace? Mixing things up, even just a tad, can offer fresh ideas and new ways of seeing things. Here are a few examples, all easy with no cost attached!

  • Change where your staff meeting is held or adjust the day/time of week
  • Offer to meet in your employee’s space/cubicle instead of your own for your next one-on-one meeting, or even go on a walk instead!
  • Bring in a guest speaker to your next meeting, perhaps an expert in their field, or a client impacted by your work
  • Alter the frequency of an activity, either to more or less often, depending on the event.
  • Add a new topic to a meeting, or drop one.
  • Ask your team how to mix things up, they will have good ideas! Just keep it simple and easy. That will get the creative juices flowing without adding stress to people’s plates.

What other ideas to you have for generating a buzz in your office? Remember, the smallest of efforts can yield amazing results.