Relationships Are Built with Time and Effort

It’s the first week of fall and the final week of our formal anniversary celebration. Thank you for joining us in marking 20 years of PeopleSense Consulting. What a wonderful occasion to share with you all! BUT don’t worry, the fun isn’t over yet! We still have one more surprise we’re excited to share. So stay tuned for an announcement coming soon!

And now, for the final part of our fun Zuzu series, our theme is…Relationships Are Built with Time and Effort.

Relationship take long to develop1. Some relationships take longer than others to develop. Zuzu is a fun-loving, outgoing dog, but I wasn’t fully prepared for her high-energy and persistence. Some days were really hard, and I felt like giving up.

But like all relationships, especially between manager and employee, there will be rocky moments. Think of the end game, discuss options for how to improve the dynamics, and take action. Most worthwhile relationships are worth significant effort and then everyone can celebrate the success!

Dog Learning something new2. When learning something new, move slow. Zuzu is learning many self-discipline skills but it’s a process. None of us change overnight. A few times we jumped into situations that were beyond her current ability and it backfired.

She and I both left feeling frustrated, so I’m trying to avoid making that mistake again (even though mistakes are okay, too). I find the best outcomes come when we can stretch a little and also have small successes.

dog learning new skills at computer3. Learning new skills is better than a fancy toy. Doing things together builds the bond, which leads to trust and better communication.

Tossing a toy (or assignment) to someone and leaving them to it isn’t the same as supporting their efforts along the way. If you put in the time, the results will be much more rewarding.

Zuzu and Kelsey practice makes perfect4. Practice makes perfect. When we started our work with a trainer, she told us it would be a slow process requiring consistent reinforcement. Keeping that in mind helps us continue the sometimes-mundane practice, but we know it will ultimately provide the best results.

better relationships shared experiences 5. Better relationships develop from shared experiences, good and bad. Spending quality time together is the most important part of building a relationship.

Managers who understand the unique needs of each team member are better equipped to provide strong leadership during good and bad times.

Hope you enjoyed! If you missed last week’s insights from Zuzu about ways to Be Healthy,
click here and stay tuned for more adventures with this wild little dog.


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