Delivering Assessment Results to a New Employee

Sharing the assessment results with a new hire is an easy step in your onboarding process. This video talks about the importance of this simple process and how you and the new employee will benefit.

You’ll find a lot of videos in the Learning Resource Center that I produce to help you learn the information that is measured in the PXT SelectTM.  But far too often, I learn after the fact, that the reports were never shared with the person who took the assessment.

So, in this video I want to talk about how to go about sharing the results with a new employee and the value that you both will receive by going through that process.

Sharing the Results

One of the simplest and most effective way to jump-start your onboarding process is to share the assessment results with the new employee.  Provide them the copy of the individual feedback report and ask them to read it.

The value in doing this early on is it establishes a precedent for you two having a two-way conversation about the individual’s work style and preferences.

You are not coming from a place of judgment, but rather to help support them in the ways that they work the best and the way that is needed for the position.

Establish a Meeting

Establish a meeting where you can discuss the results.  Your goal of the meeting is to get their input and ideas about the data that they saw.

So, you’d simply pose questions and you could walk through each area or you could do it from a general perspective.

  • Ask them what resonated the most with them.
  • What were areas they saw as their strengths?
  • What information did they learn?
  • Was there an “a-ha!” moment?
  • Were there areas that they felt were not quite exactly “right on”?

Whatever their answers, it’s fine.  It gives you that opportunity to talk through it.

Remember, this isn’t a one-and-done conversation.  This is the beginning of conversations around their work style that you can always bring back to this common language and knowledge that you two have gained through this conversation.

Building a Relationship

By sharing this information – and by providing the opportunity to discuss it together – you’re starting to build rapport, show transparency and build trust with this person.  This is a very important start to a strong relationship and will reap you many benefits as you move forward working together.

Be sure to check out other videos on the PXT SelectTM and also about hiring, managing and communicating here in the Learning Resource Center designed for you as a member.

Here’s to your graceful leadership!

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