Keeping Everything DiSC Dynamic

How to Keep Everything DiSC® Alive in Your Organization

Ever been to an awesome training that’s so inspiring and educational you leave super excited to put new skills into place? Then WHAM! You sit down at your computer and the normal deluge of emails, projects, and problems suddenly become the priority. All that you learned is sitting in your head, but you can’t find a way to make it come out into action.

You are not alone.

I suspect every reader has experienced this. It’s frustrating to everyone, most especially the learner who invested time and budget money but doesn’t receive the benefits.

A different approach

This was one of the primary reasons Wiley introduced the new Everything DiSC on Catalyst® learning platform. With this online portal, the material you’re immersed in during workshop sessions is always there for you: 24/7. It’s an amazing tool that’s rich in content, allowing you to pick and choose bits and pieces as you need. Rather than “one and done” training experience, you can ‘return and learn.’

Still, even with this valuable resource, it’s not always easy to remember to log in!

In our recent work with clients, many have said our work together transformed their cultures. Others say they have changed longstanding behaviors to ones that serve them better. We know DiSC matters.

Yet, for some, even when they want to embrace it, they seem to flounder a bit. So we reflected on the differences.

What leads to success

For those that successfully implement a consistent program, there is one simple difference. They don’t think of this as added work or a burden. Instead, they focus on small, consistent processes that fit into the framework of structures they already have in place. The bottom line—they find the results valuable, so they want to do more of it.

We at PeopleSense want to help everyone tap into this magic sauce, because frankly, it’s not that hard. It just takes commitment.

We want to help

Everything DiSC CoverWe have created a new “Idea Sheet” that offers up various, creative ways for individuals and teams to keep DiSC a part of the everyday experience. The list is not exhaustive and we hope to keep adding to it, but it contains great jumping off points.

The goal isn’t for you to check every idea off your list. Instead, pick the ones that seem right for you and your team. And go with what feels feasible—you’ll see benefits from using even one of these ideas. Just be sure to be consistent. It’s not the time that’s important; it’s the continuity that matters.

What’s next

Our goal is to provide an ongoing source of ways to keep things going with what you learned. We’re always looking for more creative ideas to share. So, let’s take the next step in truly transforming your culture. You have the ability to make personal changes that impact your most challenging situations. Everything DiSC can help.

Putting it into practice doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. Come play with us and let’s have fun developing a plan that works for you. To download the Free Idea Sheet for how Everything DiSC can help you transform your culture, click here.

Or to schedule a 30-min consult about how Everything DiSC might continue to benefit your team, click here

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