PXT Select™ Accommodation

In this video, learn what the Accommodation trait means and how this impacts your daily interactions.

Accommodation Scale

In this video I’m going to be talking about the PXT Select scale called Accommodation. Like all of these scales, you now know that there are great benefits to both ends of the scale. So we’re going to be talking about the value of each of the sides, what they means and how to use this information in everyday interactions with others.

Steadfast Individuals

Let’s first look at individuals who come at this idea of accommodation with more of a steadfast approach. These are individuals who tend to have strong opinions and can be viewed as being tough-minded. They tend to stick to their guns because they are motivated to reach their goals; in fact a lot of top salespeople have this steadfast approach. They aren’t going to “go along just to get along,” they can seem very firm because they are comfortable expressing disagreement.

It may be a tad harder to persuade a steadfast individual to an idea that is contrary to their own, but it’s not impossible to do so. Remember, their approach is to be comfortable with disagreement but they are able to work through it with someone as well.

Agreeable Individuals

The highly accommodating person is very agreeable. Even if someone Is rude to them, they have a tendency just to let it go and not say anything. And that’s because they want to bring harmony to the situation, especially under stress. They have a desire to please others, they are cooperative, friendly, and agreeable, very team-focused individuals.

It’s easy to see how the highly accommodating person can be very enjoyable to work with, since they are always looking out for the needs of others. So the challenge for them is not to be taken advantage of because they aren’t speaking up on their own behalf. If you are working with someone who is highly accommodating, be mindful that they may have opinions that they are not sharing. Encourage them to voice their needs so that there can be a balance there.

Likewise, when you are working with someone who has that steadfast approach, recognize the value that they brings. It is not always easy to voice our opinions, so these individuals have the courage and perseverance to defend their beliefs and priorities.

Delicate Balance

It can be a delicate balance of finding that fine line for when we should be considering our own needs versus the needs of others, but that’s the real benefit of thinking about the PXT Select scales: knowing where you fall on the spectrum as your natural tendency and then evaluating it in the context of the situation that you are in. This will help you identify when your own style is serving you well, or when you may need to move up and down, depending on your preference and the situation.


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