PXT Select™ Decisiveness

Everyone can make a decision, but the manner in how we approach a decision can vary greatly. In this video, Robin reviews decision-making methods and you will learn how to work better with others once you understand the differences.

Decisiveness Scale

In this video I’m going to be talking about the PXT Select scale called Decisiveness. It’s important to note that we can all make a decision. So this scale is not referring to whether a decision will be made, but rather HOW the decision will be made.

Think about the spectrum of the scale from Deliberate to Bold. Those individuals who fall more on the deliberate side are ones who take more time and reduce their risk. Those individuals that fall more on the bold side of the scale are ones who—you can envision—moving faster, being much more comfortable in taking a risk by moving a decision forward.

Deliberate Decision Makers

Let’s look at a couple scenarios where these different styles really bring value to the table. When we have a complex situation, for example, the deliberate decision-maker will be at home. Because they are going to be deliberate to pull in all the information and opinions, having more of a process. They will be careful and not impulsive because they want to analyze all those options in a much more methodical way.

Bold Decision Makers

The bold decision-maker could get frustrated with that because they just want to move something ahead. But therein lies the value of where the bold decision-maker comes into play. When we have situations where we have limitations on the data we can get, so we have to go with what’s available. Or we have a need for a higher sense of urgency around moving something ahead. Or when we need somebody to say, “Let’s just do it!!” That’s when we want to tap into that bold decision-maker!

Need for Both Approaches

So, as you can see, we definitely need both of these approaches. They have different situations that they serve best in. So the first step is for you to understand how you naturally approach a decision. Then look at the decision you are trying to make and reflect on the fit. Am I being too deliberate? Am I not being deliberate enough? Am I being too bold? Or do I need to step back a little bit?

If you are on a situation with multiple decision makers on a particular project, understand what the project needs and who is moving at a pace for that occasion. Recognize the value that both have: perhaps you need more data or perhaps you need someone to say, “Yes, we are going to do this!” Allowing each other to bring in those traits and strengths at the right time will get you to the best decision at the best timing!


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