PXT Select™ Interests

The PXT Select measures six areas that reflect what is enjoyable and motivating for an individual. Learn more about these occupational interests and how they impact job fit.

Interests Scale

As you know, there are three main areas that we measure in the PXT SelectTM: thinking style, behavioral traits and interests.

In this video, I am going to be focusing on the interests – what we measure and why we measure it.

With the interests, we are looking at areas that are enjoyable to an individual.  They are motivating to someone and that has correlations to job success and job fit because we tend to gravitate to the things we enjoy doing.

We also have a tendency to do them better and we stay with them longer.  So, that could have implications for retention – staying in a role that we like to do.

Six Areas

Let’s take a quick look at each of the six areas that we measure.  I put together some images that will help us conjure up some thoughts about each of the areas.

These are in no particular order because each one is as valuable as the next, but we will start with enterprising.

Enterprising is all about selling, persuading and promoting. These individuals love to present ideas and they may exercise ambition and resourcefulness, just like the social butterfly pup who certainly isn’t bashful about being out there and promoting himself.

With financial and administrative, these individuals prefer order, consistency and predictability.  They enjoy working with numbers, organizing information and office routines, such as record keeping and completing paperwork.  They have a keen eye for detail and a desire for accuracy.

Those who show a high interest in people service are all about serving others.  These individuals are all about collaboration, compromise and helping people.  They often have a strong sense of empathy and support and a knack for bringing people together.

With the creative interest, we are talking about original thinking, artistic expression and innovation; just like this clever kitty who decided this piece of pottery doubles as a very comfy bed.  Creative individuals are ones that are often easily able to express themselves.  They have an emphasis on aesthetics and novel ways of solving problems, producing ideas and designing new things.

Mechanical interest is all about hands-on activities and tangible results.  For sure, this little pup is going to have something to show for all of his efforts here.  This area of interest is also looking at enjoyment of building and repairing things and working with machinery or tools and often can be outdoors activities.

We just saw with mechanical that it’s all about the hands.  With technical, it’s all about the head.  There is an intellectual curiosity here, just like this little kitty who seems intent on getting more information and being curious about the “why” and the “what”.  These individuals also enjoy learning technical material, interpreting complex information and solving abstract problems.

Measuring Enjoyment

When looking at these six areas, it is important to keep in mind that we are not measuring aptitude.  For example, if someone has a high interest in the creative area, their ideas may or may not be good. 

There is often a positive correlation, but to be clear we are measuring an individual’s enjoyment and things that are motivating to them. 

Having a great awareness of the things that are really of interest to either ourselves or to someone on our team goes a long way toward job satisfaction.

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