Even strong teams are impacted when new players are introduced

strong teams

Robin Eichert with Graceful Giving winner, ASPNC.

When a strong team has a change in players, it is tempting to underestimate the impact of that transition. With a solid foundation in place, things could only improve. Right? But it doesn’t work that way.

When even just one new person joins a team, dynamics change. Roles may shift, decision-processes may morph, and alliances could alter. Even subtle differences can influence outcomes.

That was just one of the many important topics discussed at my two-day workshop last week with Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country

ASPNC was chosen as a winner of PeopleSense Consulting’s 2018 Graceful Giving celebration, during which I donated a team-building workshop to a non-profit that demonstrated significant interest, need, and commitment. I was drawn to ASPNC, in part because of their amazing work, but mainly because their core team was experiencing a huge change.

The organization’s founder and passionate leader had decided to step down from the Executive Director role after ten years of devoted service. The new ED is a fantastic fit, having been selected with care. But as the previous ED moved away from her former responsibilities, everyone felt the effects, not just the two at the top.

Now the entire team must work together to integrate job functions differently while ensuring that customer experiences remain at a high level. Over the course of two days, we were able to have an open dialogue about the strengths of each team member and how to tap those to their fullest. Each person expressed a genuine desire to see each other and the organization thrive, something critical to the success of high-functioning teams.

Our time together allowed the team to bond more deeply, evidenced by ideas and recommendations that were eagerly offered in support of each other.

I am grateful for the time and commitment from each person at ASPNC who participated fully in the Graceful Giving program. Grace joined us in spirit (resting back at home awaiting my return!). She would be the first to say how important it is to have a strong knowledge and trust of those on your team. I couldn’t agree more.

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